3rd Place
Ari Mosisoglu
In a field of cars built by companies that keep their doors open making S4s faster, there was no reason to expect all that much from this daily driver. Ari isn't even a track-day fanatic like some of the other private entries. He just likes the feeling of putting his right foot to the floor in his S4.

It could be compared to a classic musclecar, with lots of power and just enough other modifications to keep it from breaking itself. Bigger, bolt-on turbos and a free-breathing exhaust made the S4 a formidable performer, but when nitrous was added, it became truly fearsome. Ari beefed up the clutch and flywheel to handle the power, and then made sure he wasn't shy.

Chassis prep was simple, with what many consider to be the best suspension and also what many consider to be the best lightweight, forged wheels. The tires could be stickier for better cornering but are plenty for straight-line acceleration with Quattro.

Ari's third-place finish could be due to good luck, following the KISS principle, or a combination of the two. He put down the biggest peak number on the dyno and was second on the drag strip. He amazed everyone by posting the third-shortest braking distance with stock brakes. He had never had the car on a racetrack with corners before, and his car's performance showed it. With affordable street performance tires and stock brakes, this S4 was the fastest of the slow cars around the Streets of Willow. A few seconds off the lap time, perhaps achievable with stickier tires or a big-brake kit, would have closed the gap to second. But woulda-coulda-shoulda is a losing game, because others often play it better. This is a darned fast car in spite of its simplicity and, arguably, one-dimensionality. That's enough for its owner to find a little inner peace on his way to the office.

2001 Audi S4
Engine Displacement
Internal Modifications
External Modifications
AWE KO4 turbo kit and downpipes, nitrous oxide injection
Engine Management Modifications
GIAC software with nitrous control
Drivetrain Modifications
Spec Stage 3 clutch, AWE light flywheel
Front: Stasis coilovers
Rear: Stasis coilovers
Front: Stock
Rear: Stock
18x7.5-in. Volk Racing LE37
225/45-17 Nitto NeoGen

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