2nd Place
Achtuning's S4 was featured in european car exactly 1 year ago. Tim McKinney thought he had reached automotive Valhalla when he drove it. He was certainly close. Les Bidrawn hated this car's suspension, but he must have taken too many painkillers for his broken wrist that day. The Stasis coilovers are stiff, but the damping is so good they are plenty comfortable. Dan Barnes had a hard time noticing the bumps on the skidpad. It skipped sideways a little over the bumpiest hairpins of the Streets course, but not as badly as some of the more aggressively sprung cars. Its ride was exactly what he'd want in a street car. Stasis Engineering has done a lot of work helping Achtuning dial this car in, and it's done a great job. The suspension and rear differential (Stasis manufactures its own diff to its own specs, based on extensive racetrack data acquisition) give the car a nicely neutral handling balance, just like a well-set-up rear driver. It turns in well and will step the tail out just enough under power. The brake pedal feel is excellent with the Stoptechs; firm and easy to modulate.

Fifth in dyno scoring, this car was second among the cars still running at the end. Though its engine didn't have quite the top-end zing of the Sportec motor, all the RS4 bits work superbly together with AMS' software, and it pulls hard throughout the rev range. Underlining that the Europeans tend to get the good stuff, Achtuning's O.E. Euro-spec Recaros (optional on the S4) are super comfortable and supportive. Does Audi not understand that people like nice cars here?

This red S4 didn't rank outstandingly in any one category, but it did well, at the good end of the bell curve, in all of them. Its superb handling is largely due to the efforts of Stasis Engineering, and Josh Decker allowed Stasis' Jon Prall to drive the car for the road course portion of the event. Jon is a great driver, as anyone can tell from his SPEED World Challenge results, but he'd had only a handful of laps on the Streets of Willow at that point. Some observers thought there were seconds left in the car, maybe enough to be fastest.

Taking all the cars here, as they are, this is the best-balanced, best-sorted. It is refined and understated, yet it carries a set of big brass ones. It is complete and finished inside and out, closer to perfect than any other. It's what an S4 should be.

2000 Audi S4
Engine Displacement
Internal Modifications
RS4 cams
External Modifications
AMS/Achtuning Stage 6 kit with RS4 turbos, intake manifold, throttle body, air intake and piping, Achtuning oil cooler, Forge dual exhaust, Dub Engineering FMIC
Engine Management Modifications
AMS/Achtuning Stage 6 software
Drivetrain Modifications
UUC shifter, Spec Stage 2 clutch, oil cooler, Stasis rear LSD
Front: Stasis coilovers and upper control arms
Rear: Stasis coilovers and upper control arms, Neuspeed 22mm anti-roll bar
Front: Stoptech 355mm kit
Rear: Stoptech 328mm kit
18x8-in. O.Z. Superleggera
245/35-18 Hoosier

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