10th Place
Terry Tang
Terry Tang is a financial planner who knows a good deal when he sees one. It was not surprising then that he chose an Audi S4 for a superb balance of value and performance. Terry freely admits he's got far less cash in his car than the other competitors, about five grand at last count. But as he explained it, the car represents "the everyday driver who wants more performance from easy bolt-on components that are affordable". This includes popular items like the APR dual-program ECU, Neuspeed suspension and exhaust, and Stoptech brakes. He plans to take the money he saved and invest it in an interest bearing account with plans to retire on its earnings. While that makes sense 20 years from now, his car could have used the resources today-it scored 10th in the field despite the outstanding efforts of pro driver Gary Sheehan. One item setting it back considerably was the soon-to-expire turbo, letting itself be known by a high-pitched whistle coming from beneath the hood. Still, this clean, red car managed to pull respectable numbers and was a very nice ride. We liked where Terry was coming from-his car likely represents the majority of S4 owners.

2000 Audi S4
Engine Displacement
Internal Modifications
External Modifications
Neuspeed cat-back exhaust, Samco TBB and F-hose, Bosch bypass valves, Abt filter
Engine Management Modifications
Drivetrain Modifications
Neuspeed shifter, Greedspeed engine snub mount
Front: Neuspeed Sport springs, Bilstein dampers
Rear: Neuspeed Sport springs, Bilstein dampers, Neuspeed 19mm adjustable anti-roll bar
Front: Stoptech 332mm upgrade kit, Motul RBF600 fluid
Rear: Neuspeed braided stainless lines, Motul RBF600 fluid
17x7-in. Flex TDR
225/45-17 Falken Azenis Sport

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