Never been to Southern Worthersee (SoWo)? Then you're missing out on one of the best VW and Audi events in the USA!

What a collection of people and cars. From rookies (such as myself), to those who have been to every Southern Worthersee for the past eight years, this show is about making memories and making friends.

Held in Helen, GA, the Bavarian-themed city invites everybody to enjoy the beautiful scenic hills, although this year we also experienced some rather gloomy clouds. But even with the poor weather, people came to show and be seen.

When you get to the show area it's as if you've been teleported to a small Bavarian town with a Waterpark. It's slightly surreal but an incredible setting in which to view such a rich array of VW and Audi tuner cars.

The weather improved slightly as we arrived and the pre-game show was already in full swing. Southern Worthersee booths were being erected, cars cleaned and friends making plans for the weekend of cars, parties and more - VW and Audi being the most prevalent.

The very narrow Edelweiss Strasse is where everybody cruises. It's a chance to show the crowds your car while the rest of us relax and take photos. Some VW and Audi builds started flexing their power or showing their air-ride and a few cars even had nice red 'n blue lights that made a pretty display. And this was only 3pm the day before the show... It started getting wild as the sun nestled behind the hills and more people were rolling in. The streets that were pristine before 5pm, looked more like Tanner Foust had been filming Top Gear 'Merica by 9pm.

From what we' heard the cops were out in force compared to previous years and, to be honest, they were needed as the craziness went on all night. Helen, GA is a small town and only has a few places to party, and when Southern Worthersee gets going, there ain't nothing stopping it! It was enormous fun and everybody seemed to be having a great time.

As for the cars, they had arrived from all points of the compass, including a crew that drove up from Mexico City. The VW and Audi quality was superb and we loved the variety of old and new, static and air, turbo and NA. It was a Teutonic festival in the heart of Georgia and we're definitely going back next year.

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By Jakeb Miller
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