034Motorsport out of Fremont, CA, develops and manufactures products for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. 034Motorsport brought a 2012 Audi TT RS to the GP that was equipped with a 2.5L FSI, APR Stage 3 turbo kit, and 034 downpipe and exhaust. 034 stuck to the formula of light weight, small chassis, all-wheel drive and tons of horsepower, as you’ll see below.

Javad Shadzi, founder of 034EFI said, “We originally got this TT RS so we could develop products for it. At this stage, we have partnered with APR and have worked with them to push the tuning of its Stage 3 turbo kit as far as it can go. This is the first time we brought a street car to the GP. We don’t know if we can win all three events with this car but it represents what we can do with a very streetable, livable daily driver.”

Results of the dyno test put the team at the top of the pack with a final horsepower rating of 667.3hp and 567.7 lb-ft of torque. Team 034 packed a lot of power into a small street package.

Technical Specifications

Engine: 2.5l FSI with APR Stage 3 turbo kit with ECU tuning, high-flow intercooler and high-pressure fuel pump, 034Motorsport downpipe and exhaust system, twin clutch and flywheel package

Drivetrain: Factory

Suspension: 034/PSI Ohlins TTX coilovers, 034Motorsport rear sway bar with billet end links, 034 spherical trailing arm bushings Wheels & Tires: 18" BBS CH with 265/40 18" Continental ExtremeContact DW tires

Brakes: Factory front brakes with 034/Cobalt race pads, 034 Rear 13" rotor upgrade kit with 034/Cobalt race pads, 034 stainless-steel brake lines

Exterior: Factory

Interior: Factory

*Stay tuned for the remaining Tuner GP 2013 profiles leading up to the full story release.

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