If you have never been to SEMA or just haven't found the time to make it out, it's an experience every car enthusiast or professional in the industry should experience at least once. The best advice anyone can give a first timer is to bring comfortable shoes and don't expect to see everything. And while aftermarket parts and modified Japanese and American cars are in great abundance at the show, those special European tuner cars are in shorter supply.

At the 2013 SEMA show we went hunting for impressive Porsches with either subtle changes or obvious upgrades that scream 'look at me!' We photographed each Porsche that crossed our path on the show floor. Whether your preference is race, wild, street or show this year's SEMA had something for everyone.

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2007 Porsche 997 Turbo

Believe it or not, this is one of the least wild looking cars at the show. This Apple themed 997 Turbo took center stage at the Optima Batteries booth and is tuned by BBI Autosport. If you haven't already heard of BBI Autosport, it is a small tuning shop in Huntington Beach, CA that specializes in tuning Porsches. Their mission statement says it all: "In our world of aftermarket tuning, good quality and craft have been let go in the name of cheapness and convenience. Where others strive to find cheaper materials and processes, we strive to find superior ingredients and time consuming rituals that will guarantee a product built solely on passion, artistry and craft."

This particular car features a carbon BBI widebody on the outside and Recaro Sportster seats with GT3 shifter and cables for interior upgrades. The engine features the BBI B7 package, which produces 700hp. To slow the car down is a Brembo GT 380 kit. And to help maximize ride quality are Ohlins TXX dampers along with BBI control arms.

While this sweet ride may look complete, BBI says the build is still ongoing. We look forward to seeing what other modifications are in store for this tuned 997 Turbo.

2006 Porsche Boxster

Whether you're a fan of pink camo or not, the exterior of this car does one thing very well: Grab your attention. In the CSF Performance Cooling booth, this Boxster features a 911 GT3 Cup front bumper conversion and a 996 Cup wing. If it looks track ready that's because it will be running in the Grand Am road racing series, according to CSF.

The engine has been swapped for a 4.2L rather than the original 3.8L and pushes out an estimated 450hp through a smooth shifting OS Giken clutch. Stopping power comes in the form of Stop Tech brakes. To provide cooling is the world debut of the CSF all-aluminum three piece racing radiator set. These radiators feature the same fittings and connections as the original radiators but is made larger to fit more coolant. The cooling is improved by about 40 percent compared to stock, according to CSF.

The pink camo may not be for everyone, but with these race-ready mods there is no doubt this wrap will help this Boxster stand out on track.

1999 964 Porsche 911

We wanted to save the most subdued looking Porsche for last. This mint green 964 at the H&R booth features custom deep kit coilover suspension from H&R, available exclusively through Rotiform. This kit is designed to go ultra-low with a static suspension that uses traditional dampers and springs.

Other modifications include Brembo brakes, Rotiform wheels and a roll cage. And while this car may not compare in upgrades to the other Porsches featured, the subtle nature of it doesn't require a busy wrap or crazy conversion.

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