The California 1000 is an exclusive invite-only car rally featuring modified sports cars built by enthusiasts that drive their machines as they were intended. The 3-day rally is hosted by Targa Trophy, who has been around since 2007 and prides itself on promoting authentic Automotive Lifestyle Culture. Not to be confused with a racing event, the premise of the California 1000 is centered on a 1000-mile journey, which features various visually-stimulating checkpoints including Monterey and San Luis Obispo, CA. This year, JDM and euro tuners including 911 Turbos, Gallardos, R8s and more gathered at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA where the festivities began.

All teams were required to use an iPhone or iPad to access the Targa Trophy app, which provided maps, route details, checkpoint instructions and social media applications needed to complete the California 1000. Additionally, each team received a road book detailing the route they should follow along with a list of checkpoints. Odometer readings and starting/finishing times were recorded at the starting point and arrival point, with points deducted for any minutes over and under the Targa Trophy Time.

A big finale party was held at the Roosevelt Hotel, which was the starting point for the rally. Liberty Walk's Lamborghini was invited, along with BMW M3s and a few other well-known cars in the scene. The rally was a success and for those who weren’t there to take it all in – there’s always next year.

California 1000 Results

Day 1
1st - Jan Ciliers - Porsche Cayman S - 965 pts
2nd - Eric Aguilera - Audi S6 - 845 pts
3rd - Dax Snow - Lamborghini Gallardo - 815 pts

Day 2
1st - James Guerra - BMW M5 - 945 pts
2nd - Brian Miller - Lamborghini Gallardo - 925 pts
3rd - Scottie Bourrough - Audi R8 - 915

Day 3
1st - Dax Snow - Lamborghini Gallardo - 870 pts
2nd - Betim Berisha - Porsche 997 Turbo Projekt Grip - 860 pts
3rd - Jan Ciliers - Porsche Cayman S - 845 pts (wins 3rd closest to the time)
3rd - Casey Wallace - Nissan GT-R - 845 pts
3rd - Michael Petruzzo - Subaru STi - 845 pts

Overall Triple Crown Podium
1st - Jan Ciliers - Porsche Cayman S - 2610 pts
2nd - Betim Berisha - Porsche 997 Turbo Projekt Grip - 2480 pts
3rd - 3rd - Dax Snow - Lamborghini Gallardo - 2465 pts

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