To celebrate the launch of the all-new 2014 Jaguar F-Type, a sports car recalling the heritage of the beautiful E-Type, there have been several campaigns highlighting the new age of Jaguar by incorporating social media. The most recent campaign #MyTurnToJag asked those wanting to experience the new F-Type to submit a photo and reason why they deserved to drive the new Jag. Four winners were then selected and granted the opportunity to drive the F-Type with Jaguar brand partners: Kelly Rowland (singer), Mark Malkoff (comedian), and Davy Jones (professional race driver).

Before a lavish serving of food, drinks and music at the LA #MyTurnToJag party, held at Siren Studios Orange in Hollywood, CA, the winners were able to select from a row of the throaty convertibles put at the disposal. We also managed to get behind the wheel to see how the sports car would handle congested, potholed city streets. Predictably, it was a blast, but only gave us a taste of this car's full capabilities.

Several celebrities came out to celebrate the new F-Type

european car had exclusive access not only to get a closer look at the new Jag, but also get some much anticipated seat time.

From the first push of the start button, I was in love. POP CRACKLE POP BURBLE. The noise was so incredible I would have melted into the seat if it weren't wrapped in fine leather. Motor Trend had something similar to say about the F-Type's exhaust note on their first drive: "It snaps, crackles, and pops so much, you wonder if Kellogg's had a hand in it."

Looking around the cockpit, I noticed something reminiscent of the E-Type – it's rocker switches. Along with the gear shift lever (reverting back from rotary JaguarDrive Selector), they bring a little E to the new F. The shift lever didn't seem as user friendly as a traditional manual selector (a girl can dream) because of a small trigger button on the rear that must be compressed to select drive.

The 5-liter 495hp V8 S was the first to be driven. The most powerful of the three car line-up, the V8 S is capable of going from 0-60 in a claimed 4.2sec. Although I would have loved the opportunity to experience the quick 4.2sec sprint, the streets of Hollywood during rush hour prevented this cat from fully stretching its legs. We were in traffic but the very little I did experience, was proof enough that the car has the capability to tear up any LA back road. Throttle response is instant quick. And the sound, oh the sound was something I will never forget (video above). The drive continued and before I knew it we were in Dynamic Mode, which increases throttle response and improves steering and suspension for a sportier driving experience. But again we were stuck in LA traffic, so experiencing the Dynamic Mode fully was not an option.

After driving the V8 S, I was offered the chance to also experience the V6 S, which is powered by 3-liter 380hp engine and makes the sprint from 0-60 in a claimed 4.8sec. Apart from the motor size, the exterior look is the same for both models except for one tell tale sign: the V6 has dual center exhaust where the V8 S has quad exhaust with two on each side. At start the same CRACK POP BURBLE CRACK was heard but in a less intense V6 fashion.

Right off the line, you can feel the weaker acceleration from the V6 yet the car still performed like a sports car should. To the applause of those living near less-than-pristine asphalt, the ride quality of both the V6 S and V8 S, even on the most torn up street, was smooth and comfortable. Braking, accelerating and shifting is responsive and quick. The only thing missing in this drive was a wide open track and a true select-your-own gearbox.

Aside from the constant BURBLE CRACK POP BURBLE of the F-Type idle, the interior makes you feel as though you are sitting in a plush luxury sedan, minus the rear seats. The leather is soft and surrounds you, holding the driver and passenger in place (Sport Seats or the optional Performance Seat available as a stand-alone option or as part of the Performance Pack on the S and V8 S). The F-Type only allows for two passengers; ideally passengers of the leaner variety as space is what you would expect from a true sports car. And speaking of small things, the trunk is something that may deter a serious long distance driver from purchasing. Motor Trend also had this to say about the British cars bite sized boot, "I don't have a single serious criticism besides the tiny trunk."

Aside from tiny trunk space and skinny people seats, this is the kind of car I would personally take on a long distance drive. It is so comfortable and fun all wrapped up in one beautiful package. The fact that the top goes up or down in less than 12sec makes the worry of sudden rain fall fade away.There is also a plethora of digital everythings, from the large touch screen, to the digital air temp controls (see page 2 for interior video). There is no doubt that the F-Type is all luxury while also delivering incredible performance and style.

After decades and decades of hoping for a true sports car to emerge from the British automaker, the wait is finally over. Jaguar has officially made the choice of which sports car to pick for your next toy a heck of a lot easier. I'll take the V8 S, please.

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