Volvo C30
Over the past few years Volvo has been trying to escape its 'boxy but nice' reputation. The C30 is aimed at a younger market. Its aesthetics are very European, setting it apart from other cars in this segment. Volvo promises a large selection of factory-installed accessories, similar to those offered by Scion.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster
The young and the flash might dream of driving down Rodeo Drive in a Porsche or Ferrari; old money still loves its Aston Martins. Billed as the most affordable Aston, the V8 Vantage is anything but entry-level. The roadster version has beautiful lines with fairings behind each headrest that evoke racing cars of the past.

Porsche 911 GT3
Many have complained about the softening of the 911. The car is too comfortable, too quiet; it's lost its edge. Porsche has replied with the new GT3. The car was even wearing Michelin Pilot Sport Cup DOT-approved track tires. The Alcantara-appointed interior is racy enough for the track enthusiast, with just enough creature comforts for street driving.

Volkswagen Tiguan
This is the SUV VW should have started with. It's young, it's cool and it looks better than other small sport-utes. The most interesting thing is the rumored turbodiesel that will power it. A 50-state legal turbodiesel is exactly the thing VW needs. A small SUV with great gas mileage would set it apart.

Audi R8
Although much attention was on the unveiling of the TT Roadster, the real star was the R8. This truly is a world-class supercar and pictures don't do it justice. Although many details and components are from other Audis, that's no bad thing.

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