Another pause.


A long, awkward pause.

"Well then, it looks like I've got the wrong information. Look, I know you guys are just out here to have some fun, but we've been getting calls from other motorists.
Honestly, I could care less how fast you drive. I'm going to let you go... just be safe."

Yes, we will, officer. Yes, we will.

Rob Hallstrom
Thursday, July 27
Las Vegas to San Diego, via Lake Havasu City

Caesar's Palace. The last checkpoint of the day and the end of the road for Funke. I will co-pilot the remainder of the rally with Claus. First car in is the red 996 Turbo driven by Tove Christensen, brother to Hayden Christensen (aka Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader). Hayden is also taking part in a Ferrari F360. The main entrance is soon overrun with dozens of exotic sports cars. The Brabus is there among the pack leaders. It's been a long drive, yet they are still clearly pumped with adrenaline from the day's rush-and way too many cans of Red Bull.

As with all the other overnight stops, social dining culminates in after-hours escapades. Vegas is no different, beginning with a casual poolside dinner at Caesar's Venus swim club, followed with a gathering at Treasure Island's Tangerine nightclub. The night is all too short.

The next morning, our first stop before heading out of town is a quick visit to Carroll Shelby's nearby museum and manufacturing facility at the Las Vegas International Speedway. The place is undeniably impressive and demands a visit. Cars are all hand assembled, similar in fashion to any respected European coachbuilder. Being so close to the raceway, we're all given the opportunity to burn off a couple hot laps.

We're then handed our next destination point: Sandbar & Grill in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

"Isn't this where they put the London Bridge?" asks Claus.

"That's the place," I reply, "but it'll be an extremely short visit."

We make a beeline for Interstate 40 and soon lead the pack, accompanied by a modified Mercedes CL600 and a black Ferrari. We're on a mission and desperately want to win this leg.

And we almost do, but for a mix-up at the Bridge and because the Bullrun organizers have not yet posted any checkpoint signage. It's Tove in his red Turbo who again takes first place. We grab our next destination card, some fruit and a few bottles of water, and we're back on the road.

The W Hotel in San Diego is next and there are two ways to go. We take the less populated route via Imperial County, just miles away from the Mexican border. There are some great open stretches where we let the Brabus run hard into the horizon. Even in triple digits, the car's massive power output via its twin superchargers continues to pull with incredible force. Equally impressive is the ride at these speeds: exceptionally quiet and well behaved. You would think you're barely cracking the speed limit. Unfortunately, this isn't the case and I end up pulled over by a CHP. Luckily, he writes me up for only 75. Claus is actually the lucky one, having slipped under the radar the entire trip without a single ticket.

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