The Cargraphic GT3 romped home with an amazing 69.36-second lap on street tires. All the more amazing, since a 1999 GT3 RS Le Mans racer on slicks can only do a 60.08 here. Not content with the GT Class win, Cargraphic also took the top spot in the Coupe/Cabrio Class with a 382-bhp Porsche 997 S Cabrio, which was timed at 73.15 seconds with Marc Basseng once more at the wheel. Not far behind at 73.52 seconds was Frank Schmickler, driving TechArt's 380-bhp Cayman S.

In the Limousine Class, top honors went to Oliver Bliss driving his 300-bhp Bliss Auto Sport Mitsubishi Evo VIII. He clocked 75.86 seconds, edging out Andi Santioli's BMW CSL by a mere 0.015 of a second.

The Open Class is where the fastest cars live. This is the class where anything goes and you can use track-day tires. This class has seen some bloody battles over the years between Porsches and the Dutch-built Donkervoort. This year, the Donkervoort RS appeared, sporting more aerodynamic bodywork that takes it convincingly away from looking like a Caterham Seven clone. The new body certainly helped speed and downforce as the 370-bhp RS produced the fastest time of the day with a stunning lap time of 64.77 seconds, securing top spot in the Open Class and an overall win.

Last year's overall winner, Edo Competition, fielded the same 542-bhp Porsche GT2 RS, but it was off the pace compared to the little Dutch racer, even though its 67.33-second lap made it the fastest Porsche of the day. Cargraphic's 485-bhp 993 GT3-based car produced a podium third in this class, but, at 70.63 seconds, it was actually slower than its naturally-aspirated teammate from the GT Class.

If watching elephants dance is your thing, the sight of three uprated Porsche Cayennes defying the laws of physics is a sight to behold. Edo Competition won this class with a 620-bhp version, whose 77.15-second lap beat the Enco and TechArt cars into submission. With 600 bhp apiece, respective times of 78.84 and 78.91 seconds for these two runners-up showed how evenly matched they were. In the Fun Car Class, the re-bodied Opel Speedster of MPM Sportscars turned in 82.17 seconds. With 200 bhp and just 1,874 pounds to carry, it should have been a lot faster, especially as second place went to the CS Tuning Smart Roadster-only 3.1 seconds slower with exactly half the power.

Drift ChallengeFor many, the highlight of the day is the afternoon's Drift Challenge, and this year saw spectacular drifting skills and some of the most extroverted winners to date. BMWs took the first five slots this year, but the outstanding performance came from the Swiss: Marc Fleury of Switzerland in his white E30 BMW 3 Series with M3 power. When he saw his perfect scores after the third run, Marc turned his car around and did a perfect drift in the opposite direction through Sachs Curve to enormous applause from the crowd.

The Swiss contingent swept the board with the first four places, and their supporters, complete with red shirts bearing white crosses, stood and cheered them on. The whole crowd erupted when the normally restrained Swiss drivers performed standing burnouts. Doing a burnout while standing half outside the car is impressive, but a Dutch driver, Paul Vlasblohm, went one better and got out to actually dance on the roof of his car. You don't see that in F1.

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