Volkswagen showed up with its new smaller SUV Concept, the unfortunately named Tiguan. Apparently they didn't learn their lesson about awkward names with the Touareg. The Tiguan is a nice entry into the small SUV class. The styling is great; this may be the first VW where the giant shield on the front really looks appropriate. The styling is aggressive enough to set it apart from all the cute-utes out there and really they have the same basic shape so it details that set them apart. Large fender flares and chunky unpainted rocker panels match textured lower bumpers. The interior is defintily flashier than what you will se in the production version, but I would imagine the layout will be similar. Anyone familiar with the VW family of cars will definitely feel right at home in the Tiguan. Perhaps the most exciting news surrounding the "Small Touareg" is the fact it will be powered by a Clean-TDI turbo-diesel engine from the new BLUETEC partnership between VW/Audi and Mercedes Benz. A fifty state turbo-diesel could really set this car apart in the category.

Volkswagen Tiguan Video

Volvo showed North America the all new C30 for the first time. A two door hatchback aimed squarely at the Volkswagen GTI and Audi A3. Volvo is looking at a younger target market with this car. It will be available with factory installed accessories to allow buyers to custom tailor their C30 to their lifestyle. Two C30s were on display, one was a very basic model while the other had a very attractive body kit, interior accessories and wheels that looked good enough to make people wonder if they were aftermarket. The car is a great example of what a practical, young, four seat cars can be. It will be powered by a turbo five cylinder that should give tuners plenty to work with, and the styling is different enough to make it stand out.

Volvo C30 Video
Volvo C70 Video

Aston Martin, Spyker, Lamborghini and Lotus also decided LA was the most appropriate show to bring out their new offerings. Aston Martin took the cover of their V8 Vantage Roadster early in the day long before the press conference. The car is as beautiful as every other Aston Martin car throughout the history of the automaker, but we will see how it sells compared to the more mainstream offerings from the likes of Porsche and Ferrari.

Aston Martin Vantage Roadster Video
Aston Martin Vantage Video

Spyker rolled out their new 185mph SSUV. It is hard to group this vehicle in with other sport utility vehicles, but it is off-road capable and seats four. The details on the car are amazing as with all Spykers. You can't find a detail on the car that doesn't look like it was pored over for hours. While from a distance most may pass this car off as awkward or worse, once you get up close the comes becomes more a piece of rolling sculpture.Lamborghini didn't surprise anyone by showing the new Spyder version of LP640 Murcielago. Last year it was decided that there wasn't a significant enough difference in performance between the Gallardo and its bigger stable-mate, hence the LP640. The LP640 Coupe is an absolute monster of a car; I expect the same experience out of the Spyder just with more sun. As usual the rest of Lambo's display was absolutely immaculate, almost entirely black letting the cars speak for themselves.

Spyker D12 Video
Spyker C8 Video

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