Day two of the show proved to have fewer new-car introductions relevant to our market. While there were many press conferences, there weren't so many as the day before, and even fewer new car models to be unveiled.

The exceptions to this statement were introductions from Jaguar, Volvo and Porsche. The Euro day opened with a presentation by Jaguar on its new XK model, immediately followed by Volvo's C70 Convertible. A highlight of the morning was Porsche's world-wide introduction of the Cayman S, a car based on the Boxster S with some mechanicals borrowed from the Carrera S. The Asian market was ripe with offerings, and soon you will be able to see some on our sibling magazine sites.

Wandering the halls, one can find some interesting ex-show and concept cars, such as Audi's iRobot car, and some favorites from the show are shown in the following gallery.

Here's a quick look at day two. Check back for more updates in the days to come.

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