There are Audi enthusiasts and then there are Audi TT enthusiasts. It might be unfair to the regular Audiphile to say TT owners are on another level, except to maybe define that as a parallel, yet very different level. Sure, they can fit in with a group of more diverse Four-ringers just fine, but they're different somehow, and a very tight-knit group. Is it any surprise then that their owner's get-togethers are also unique in their own way?

Now in it's fourth year, TT-East attracts Audi TT owners from not only the East Coast as its name implies, but also those who fly, ride or drive in from points west that are hundreds of miles away.

TT-East took place this year in Cumberland, Maryland. The small city is located in the Western reaches of Maryland and is known for its rural atmosphere and breathtaking beauty. The view was indeed breathtaking and we found ourselves torn between staring at the beautiful lake that lapped ashore just next to the hotel and the 80-plus Audi TTs parked in the adjoining parking lot.

What was once a weekend getaway, has now turned into a solid three-day event. The seriously dedicated roll in Thursday night in order to catch up with old-friends from the various Internet-based TT communities such as XXXX, and

If they don't choose to party through the night, which seems to be more common than not, then they are well-rested for the multi-day events that include predetermined driving routes to nearby Ohiopyle State Park and Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Falling Water home. Drives are followed a casual concours and raucous Awards Dinner. We mentioned they liked to party, right?

They're also avid TT-philes with a social conscience. One of the highlights of the event was the auctioning of an official Dudley Thunder baseball glove, which you may not know was the original inspiration for the baseball glove-style interior of the TTS concept car shown at the Tokyo Motorshow in 1995 and which is fitted to many TT Roadsters motoring on our highways today. Further, it was signed by the TT's designer, Freeman Thomas; a real showpiece for these TT owners that netted a generous $1,300 dollars for the 9/11 United Airlines Flight 93 Somerset County Memorial fund.

If you missed the event or lament its East Coast orientation, never fear. Registrations for TT-West are being accepted as you read this.

Public Choice Concours Winners

Longest Mileage traveled by TT: Mark Bebawi
Cleanest TT: Sean Conner
Dirtiest TT: Pat Ranseme
Best Sound System: Michael Pane
Best Modded TT: Steve Schwing
Best Trunk Monkey / Mascot in a TT: Jay Schwartz

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