Hamann HM 5.6
Hamann debuted a Porsche Cayenne S with almost as much thrust as the Turbo. To create the HM 5.6 engine, the firm increased the bore of the standard Porsche 4.5 unit and added a special crankshaft and forged pistons. The result is an output of 400 bhp at 6000 rpm and 442 lb-ft of torque at a lowly 3000 rpm. To accompany the power hike, Hamann has developed 22-in. alloys and a dramatic styling and suspension kit that lowers airsprung cars by up to 40mm. Hamann's Cayenne Turbo upgrade is said to be in the final stages of development.

Abt Golf VS4
While Volkswagen was officially unveiling the new Golf in one hall, Abt was taking the wraps off a tuned version in another. The styling work is refreshingly subtle, but there's no denying that it affords the conservative Golf greater visual presence. Four- or two-pipe Abt rear mufflers help to complete the new look. Under the skin, Abt is offering two power upgrades for diesel Golfs. The 105-bhp TDi is increased to 125 bhp, while the 136-bhp model rises to 170 bhp. This can be accompanied by 19-in. alloys, an Abt sports brake system and lowered and stiffened suspension.

Invoking memories of the '60s bubble cars, the Jetcar is a tandem two-seater powered by a Smart-sourced 0.8-liter turbodiesel. It produces just 41 bhp and weighs 1,367 lb, so performance is far from jet-like, but the company claims that it will be fun to drive. The Jetcar goes on sale next year and will be built in Brandenburg, Germany. There'll be an initial production run of 100 vehicles, each costing a ludicrous $56,427.

Funke and Will Yes!
The brainchild of two Cologne students, Herbert Funke and Phillipp Will, the Yes! is Germany's answer to the Lotus Elise. A mid-mounted 1.8T Volkswagen-sourced engine provides the propulsion and offers 286 bhp in a car that weighs just 1,830 lb--the company claims 0 to 62 mph in 4.2 sec. Two versions are available--the stripped out Clubsport and the more luxurious Roadster--and the driving position of each car is individually tailored to the driver. Prices range from 55-65,000 Euros ($64,100-75,700).

Lada Revolution
The Lada Revolution is proof that the Russians have a sense of humor-- the wheel rims of this racer boast a hammer and sickle logo. The Revolution is a 1.6-liter, 200-bhp racer that's targeted at Russia's increasingly affluent middle class. Lada claims 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 sec. and a top speed of 162 mph, which should come as quite a shock to the traditional Lada owner.

Bertone Birusa
The Birusa is Bertone's interpretation of a two-seater Italian GT. It borrows its aluminum chassis and 5.0-liter V8 from the BMW Z8, but it wraps them in a simple, elegant and undeniably beautiful body. Voice control can be used to open the doors and double sunroof, while a Valeo-developed infrared system improves night-time visibility. Another novel feature is the boot, which has been designed to accommodate a Segway human transporter.

MS Design Opel Speedster Turbo S Limited
Lurking in the tuner's hall was the MS Design Opel Speedster Turbo S Limited. An eccentric body kit widens the car by 80mm and includes 18-in. alloys that the press pack describes as "tremendous." Thankfully, the MS Design car has the trousers to match its mouth. The base car's 2.2-liter engine has been turbocharged so that it now produces 237 bhp, 37 bhp more than Opel's own 2.0-liter turbo Speedster.

K-1 Attack
Developed by K-1 Styling and Tuning, the Attack is another German attempt to muscle in on the territory occupied by the Lotus Elise. The aggressive but appealing skin utilizes Lamborghini-style scissor doors and hides a tubular chassis. There's a choice of two mid-mounted engines--a 2.0-liter four cylinder with 143 bhp or a 3.0-liter V6 boasting 224 bhp. Basic weather protection is available, and the cabin is simple, neat and effective. The only major stumbling block could be the price--the 2.0 costs a profligate $58,085, while the V6 retails for $68,421.

AC Schnitzer V8 TOPSTER
Finished in the curious combination of orange and cream, the V8 Topster is a one-off concept designed to showcase AC Schnitzer's tuning talents. Although it's obviously based on the BMW Z4, the Topster is a hardtop and 18cm wider than the base car. The bonnet also has a power bulge necessary to accommodate a tuned version of the M5's 5.0-liter V8, which is mated to Schnitzer's Short Shift gearbox. Boasting 450 bhp and 383 lb-ft of torque, it delivers 0 to 62 mph in 4.5 sec. and 190 mph. Adjustable sports suspension, uprated brakes and a bespoke interior complete the package. The company reckons that the concept is worth $215,500.

Novitec "Rosso F360"
The Novitec Rosso F360 is for people who believe that the stock Ferrari 360 is disappointingly understated. An extrovert body kit provides the downforce necessary to control a car that's now capable, the company claims, of 214 mph and 0 to 62 mph in 3.7 sec. The increase in performance has been achieved with the introduction of twin superchargers, which boost the power output to 606 bhp, and there's 453 lb-ft of torque. The engine kit, which costs $41,807, can be accompanied by suspension, brake and interior upgrades.

Wiesman Roadster
The Wiesman Roadster was first produced in 1993, but it has been subject to detail upgrades ever since. Two models are now available, both of which use BMW-sourced straight-six engines. The MF30 uses the familiar 3.0-liter 231-bhp unit, while the flagship MF3 boasts a 3.3-liter version pumping out 343 bhp. Drive is to the rear wheels through the choice of a five-, six- or six-speed sequential (SMG) gearbox. The MF 30 costs $95,313, with the MF3 retailing at $101,256. A coupe version, called the GT, is also available.

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