All the fear I had pushed aside was coming back, big time. I started doing the math on what it would have cost if I had wrecked the Merc, what type of injuries I might have sustained, who would have taken my place as "Dad" to the kids.

Had I considered all that before my driving stint? Not really. The mind has a marvelous device that pushes fear aside, the amygdala. Apparently mine overheated. I sat the rest of the day just enjoying the desert sun.

Now that a few weeks have passed, I find myself looking forward to another track day. That whole "red haze" thing was addictive.

And I’m fairly certain my amygdala has cooled down by now.

I have a moment when the rear end steps out a bit much. the fear flashed in the pit of my stomach and felt like i had swallowed a 9v battery.

Les Bidrawn

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