What we need is a manufacturer with big, brass balls to come forward and release smaller, lighter, high-efficiency gas or diesel models. Volkswagen is considering its 65-mpg Polo for North America, a car that could put electric and hybrid cars to shame. No, it's not as trendy as an e-car, but its total cost of ownership is better than hybrids and electrics.

I'm not anti-electric car; I'm more a realist. The technology cannot support the product, not yet anyway. While I'm fairly certain we will find a way to cram huge amounts of energy into small spaces, I'm not going to build a 20-foot B-17 for this non-exsistent power source. I want to fly now. Plus, I have this great idea to drop shotgun shells from the plane so they explode on impact.

Another seriously stupid idea.

Les Bidrawn

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