A neighbor of mine (former electrical engineer for Northrop) had been toying with FPV systems on RC planes. An FPV (first-person view) camera system is piloted remotely through an LCD visor device worn on the pilot's head. Basically, the pilot sees what the video camera in the plane sees. The U.S. military is using the same technology in Afghanistan to great effect.

The entire setup cost somewhere around $450. Just a few years ago this technology was science fiction. I would now be using it to chart the wilds.

Sitting in the air-conditioned comfort of the Porsche cabin, I was able to fly above the entire area and record video at heights less than 20 feet. Lots of deer, oak trees, a few mine shafts and a sizable stream ran through the center of the property. Despite its forbidding defenses, the land was quite nice. No wonder Pops wanted it.

And then it hit me. A few minutes ago I was railing against the perils of technology. And now, I'm utilizing ultra-high tech to do my chores, while sitting in a super-posh car no less. Talk about conflicted.

Most likely Pops will annex the property and we will need to build a road to get there. Unless of course, we can burrow through the hillside. I hear the Japanese build an awesome tunnel boring machine. And they equip them with air conditioning and CD players. I might have to test drive one of those.

Les Bidrawn

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