Driving home, I began to create excuses to explain Flo's mishap. I remember doing that 30 years ago with a buddy's Country Squire station wagon. We had "borrowed" the car and its muffler had fallen off over the railroad tracks-we simply wired it back in place and quietly parked it. Boy, was his mom surprised on her way to the store the next morning

I decide to face the music. I announce the damage like a funeral director. Everyone runs out expecting the worst. There really wasn't any. With its tank-like front end and steel wheels, Flo was built to take it. I've been banned from driving Flo for life. Carly has also graciously offered me driving lessons. To be honest, I'm impressed she gets the Buick to perform like she does. I guess the kid's got some skill.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a few fences to mend.

Les Bidrawn

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