In defense of GM
Maybe Mr. Hackett needs to get out of the UK and drive some newer GM products before he blathers away about how GM chums out substandard crap (Over There, April '09). He is clearly uninformed and probably has not driven a Cobalt SS, any current Corvette, a Pontiac G8, a Cadillac CTS-V, or any of the trucks/SUVs. GM is currently making some great cars and trucks. In fact, the cars mentioned seem to eat up the European and Asian competition in many comparison tests. I love European cars and own an '02 BMW 540 six-speed, a '91 Audi 200 20-valve Quattro, and an '05 Chevy Suburban. All three are great vehicles, but the Suburban is the best of the bunch. If I could afford to, I'd trade the BMW in on a Pontiac GXP in a heartbeat, but BMW trade-in prices have tanked. Maybe you should invite Mr. Hackett over to drive some current U.S. iron so he doesn't sound like such a throwback to the '80s.Dave PuterbaughGig Harbor, WA

Dave, you may very well have a point. We'll have to take your word for it, though.

In defense of Boxster
Why would a magazine devoted to European cars allow blatant disrespect of the Porsche Boxster? In the piece about muscling a 987 into a 911 (Substance Abuse, April '09) the author states "while the Cayman is no slouch, especially compared to its older hairdresser sister the Boxster..." The implication is that the Boxster is some sort of lightweight poseur. You guys must know better, so why the dis?

By any measure the differences between comparable stock Boxster and Cayman S models is negligible. You're talking in essence 15 hp and about 20 pounds. Both European-based Porsche mags, including GT Porsche and 911 & Porsche World have zero-to-60 times within a tenth of a second and similar narrow margins in all other performance tests such quarter-mile, braking, handling, and top speed. Same for Motor Trend and other American titles, some of which have named the Boxster Car of the Year and One of the World's 10 Best at any price. One-tenth of a second-a blink of an eye-and you guys are comfortable with suggesting in this article that the Cayman just blows a Boxster away? Porsche basically puts a hardtop onto a Boxster with some tweaks to the suspension and suddenly the Boxster becomes a Pontiac Fiero or something? Get real.Dennis HallCypress, CA

As a Boxster owner, I also took offense to Mion's "hairdresser" analogy. However, I was interested if that conception was widespread. I took an informal office poll: Is the Boxster a Girly-man Car? A solid 2/3 of the participants believed the Boxster was indeed "ghey" (the exact words). Oh snap... guess I can't drive it anymore. Pffffftttt. Personally, I could give a rat-shit regarding the public's opinion. Furthermore, I doubt they would feel very butch after a few hot laps in my 911-powered Boxster (340 hp). -LB

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