Carlson wouldn't want a tribute-that wasn't his style-but he has left something notable that will continue to be a tribute to what he worked for. After Porsche's 50th Anniversary in 1998, a first-class bash at the Monterey Historics, Carlson hit on the idea of having a get-together for like-minded Porsche enthusiasts and their race cars every few years instead of waiting for 10 years or longer. Support for the idea was tepid at first, but after the great success of the original Rennsport Reunion, held at Lime Rock in 2001, planning began for an even larger event held at Daytona in 2004, where many of the great names would be honored, not only the drivers, but the engineers as well. Then again in November of 2007, he helped assemble a gathering of 917s at Rennsport III.

Those who were there will always remember Carlson, though thin and recovering from cancer treatment, happily strolling through the maze of people and cars, smiling and taking it all in.

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