When I was a boy with Stuttgart's finest on my bedroom walls, the cars all looked different. There was the ineffective but undeniably pretty 924, the space-age 928 and the iconic 911. Three models, all of which looked totally different from each other, yet each one obviously a Porsche. Evidently the stylists had to work for a living back then and times were far more interesting.

Surely I'm not alone in my shallow appreciation of good looks. Most of us fell for our significant others, initially at least, because of what they looked like. There's more to it, but it took an initial physical attraction to get the ball rolling. Cars are no different for me. I can forgive a great many flaws if when I park a car for the night the thing is so drop-dead gorgeous that I just have to glance back at it before turning out the lights.

Jaguar's Ian Callum claimed he was thinking a lot about Kate Winslet when the XK was being designed, and it shows in that car's curvaceous sexiness. I don't know who Michael Maurer was thinking about when the Panamera was designed but I can tell you this: I wouldn't fancy her.

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