As for Gumby: one morning, the phone rang and a voice with a deep Southern accent asked me where he should unload the Bug. A block away, a transporter (also hauling a new Aston Martin and a 1974 Porsche 3.0 RSR) was parked. On the lift, being lowered gently, was the Bug. I got in and turned the key. The six-volt system responded and it was dj vu. There was a large envelope on the back seat with receipts, the window sticker from Holiday Motors and several photos of the original owner taken with the Bug years ago. Damn. If he could leave this VW in its original form, I'll have to continue the legacy. I drove Gumby down to the usual Saturday morning Cars & Coffee gathering and parked between a Daytona coupe and an R Gruppe 911. I taped the window sticker inside the left rear window for all to see. Guess which car had people around it constantly that morning?

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